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My first post

So, I finally got around to starting a blog. As so many things nowadays on the net, it is surprisingly easy to set up. So why didn’t I start one before?

Main reason is that in my opinion there’s already an overload of blogs, articles, forums and what not on the net that add little or nothing to the world. “Information overload” is one of the biggest issues we have to deal with today. So I never had the urge to add just more to that. However, lately I found myself increasingly in need of “publishing space” for information that others told me could be interesting to share.

My intention is to write posts just for sharing thoughts but also posts that will be of a quite technical nature. In fact the main reason to start this blog now comes from a fellow software engineer who gave me the advice to publish something about a technical issue I solved recently on a project. So here it is: my own blog.